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Stephen Sheppard's Notes 1954
July 5, 1954 Meeting at Houk's House. Talk with Schottke, Gareau and Houk. This note is in regard to a meeting called at Spen and Esther's house on the evening of 7/5/54. Esther was present but did not participate other than to serve coffee. Robert Schottke and Patrick Gareau -- with the nervous support of Spen Houk -- urged me to get Sam "to cooperate," which rather obviously meant "confess." During the discussion, I asked about the significance of a chain bolt which Betty and I had observed earlier in the day when we were allowed to enter the house with a police escort to get clothing for Sam. The chain bolt on the Lake Road door was torn from the doorframe and was hanging attached to the door. Someone called Drenkhan, who then rushed over to Houk's to explain that one of the police officers from Bay Village who was assigned to guard the house was unable to arouse the police officer who was on duty inside when he arrived to take over. The relief police officer kicked the door in and broke the chain bolt placed by the officer assigned to watch the house. Whether this was true or not I never knew, but there was evidence of forcible entry on 7/5/54. Whether or not it was there on the morning of 7/4/54, I can't say.

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Area Map of Cleveland, Ohio
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600 x 797
Sheppard Home in Bay Village, Ohio

Lot and First Floor Plan of Sheppard Home

Second Floor Plan of Sheppard Home

Stairway Leading Down to Lake Erie, Behind Sheppard Home