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Issue 1, Article # 9: Paul Holmes on the Sheppard Murder Case

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"What the world does not know, and what this book seeks to describe, is what it means to a family to have a member of the family accused and convicted of a murder that other members of the family are convinced he did not commit; what it means to encounter defeat after defeat through the years but to be impelled to keep on nevertheless with a seemingly hopeless fight, what it means in such personal tragedies as the suicide of a mother and the premature death of a father, what it means to be pilloried in the press for years on end; what it means in humiliation and indignity to the adults in the family and to their growing children -- and why all this can happen, did happen -- to a family that chanced to be named Sheppard, but could as easily have been yours."

“. . .  the Sheppard case is now widely recognized as an American Dreyfus case. It is my hope that this book may give readers an understanding of the terrible consequences when justice miscarries or fails to settle doubts, and thus may help to prevent another Sheppard case from ever happening in America.”

-- Paul Holmes, May 15, 1964, From the Foreword to My Brother's Keeper

NOTE: Paul Holmes -- a respected newspaperman who covered the Sheppard trial for the Chicago Tribune and authored The Sheppard Murder Case -- wrote the foreword to a book written by Dr. Stephen Sheppard (Sam Sheppard's younger brother) entitled, My Brother's Keeper, David McKay Company, New York, 1964. 

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