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As a member of and subscriber to our online mystery magazine, your desire for details and passion for mystery will be intrigued with two kinds of information, posted to the online magazine:

Information available to the public from a wide variety of sources, compiled in one place on this website for easy access and comparative analysis.

New, never-before-published information, including documents, interviews, photographs, out-of-print publications and other materials provided by Sheppard family members or released from the Sheppard Archives.

Biography of a Murder, Issue 1 Includes:

  • Startling revelations about Coroner Gerber's "The Inner Circle." In a candid interview with Doris O'Donnell, a Cleveland Press reporter who covered the Sheppard trial in 1954. we learn that Coroner Gerber and his "inner circle" of law enforcement officials and newspaper reporters began building a case against the Sheppards back in the 1930's, linking Dr. Richard A. Sheppard (Dr. Sam's father) and the Cleveland Osteopathic Hospital he founded in downtown Cleveland with the Torso Murders.
  • Paul Holmes on the Sheppard murder case, an excerpt from Paul Holmes' forward to My Brother's Keeper, written by Dr. Stephen A. Sheppard (out of print, limited availability)
  • Erle Stanley Gardner on the Sheppard murder case, an excerpt from Erle Stanley Gardner's forward to The Sheppard Murder Case, written by Paul Holmes

Biography of a Murder, Issue 2 Includes:
  • The complete affidavit of Dr. Paul Leland Kirk. Kirk reports to the court regarding his 1955 investigation of the crime scene with particular attention to his scientific interpretation of blood spatter in the murder room. Kirk's investigation provided new evidence, pointing away from Dr. Sam Sheppard as perpetrator.
  • Sherlock Holmes and Paul Leland Kirk Investigate the Sam Sheppard Murder Case, Chapter One
Biography of a Murder - Future Issues: 
  • "Case Logbook," July 5, 1954 - November 15, 1963. What was it like to live through this nightmare? Entries made by Dr. Stephen A. Sheppard.
  • "Remembering Our Marilyn." Marilyn Sheppard's personal story, excerpts from a book written by Melissa Reese Weigle, daughter of Mrs. Marilyn Sheppard's favorite cousin Keith Elihu Weigle, Jr. (unpublished) 
  • Interview with Dr. Stephen A. Sheppard, D.O., M.D., psychiatrist and Dr. Sam's older brother, "In Retrospect," September 2009.
  • "The Murder Weapon." Facts of the case compiled from documented sources.
  • Excerpts from transcripts of personal interviews conducted in 1981 and 1982 by Richard Dalrymple, Jim Chapman and Janet Sheppard with the following persons connected with this case:

    • Samuel Gerber, Cuyahoga County Coroner;
    • Mary Cowan, Trace Evidence Department, Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office;
    • Lester Adelson, pathologist, Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office;
    • Fred Drenkhan, investigating police officer, Bay Village Police
    • Spencer Houk, Mayor of Bay Village, first on the murder scene
    • Esther Houk, wife of Spencer Houk, first on the murder scene
    • Don Ahern, neighbor, he and his wife were last to see Marilyn alive
    • Larry Houk, son of Esther and Spencer Houk
    • Lynn Houk, daughter of Esther and Spencer Houk
    • Thomas Reese Weigle, Marilyn Sheppard's cousin;
    • Herbert MacDonell, expert in forensic analysis;
    • Jack Pollack, author of Dr. Sam, An American Tragedy;
    • Andy Tuney, private detective hired by F. Lee Bailey
    • Doris O'Donnell, reporter for The Cleveland Press, covered Sheppard trial;
    • Dick Peters, editor of editorial page for The Cleveland Press
    • Ariane Sheppard, married Sam Sheppard upon his release from prison.
Additional materials, too numerous to list, will be posted every month on this website with each new issue of Biography of a Murder.

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